Samantha Brick Infuriates Ugly Women Everywhere -- Again!

Oh, that Samantha Brick! She sure knows how to stir up trouble -- and gain attention for herself. It wasn't long ago that Miss Brick was proclaiming that other women hated her because she was so beautiful -- a somewhat dubious claim considering that Samantha is no Megan Fox, but hey. What do I know? Women do hate on women sometimes, and maybe this happened to her. Or maybe she's just crazy as a loon mating on a lake during a full moon.

Now she's baaaaaack. And wait until you hear what she has to say this time ...


According to Samantha "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" Brick, there are women who are just too darned ugly to be on TV. Those women, she says, should get plastic surgery to correct their flaws so that the television viewing audience will be able to stand looking at them for any length of time.

Brick isn't saying anything particularly new or controversial or even untrue. Do you honestly think that women in broadcasting are not hired in great part on their looks? Puhleeeese. Of course they are. We all know this. But there is just something about the way Samantha blurts it out and defends it that makes everyone loathe her. I personally do not loathe her. She is clearly a woman who knows what she wants -- media attention -- and how to get it. I assume that if she doesn't have a book deal or her own TV show, or both, by now, she will have them momentarily.

Some of us may have wanted to (rightly) place some of the blame on The Daily Mail last time around. That perhaps the newspaper inflamed Samantha's comments and pushed a vulnerable writer into saying more than she intended. But like they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice ...

This time around, if Samantha faces a firestorm, she has no one to blame but herself.

Is Samantha Brick making a valid journalistic argument or just an attention ho?


Image via ITV/YouTube

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