May Day Madness: Tax 'Dodgers' & Mass Meditation (PHOTOS)

tax dodgers

Another May Day, another day of global protests around the world. What do we want? Everything! When do we want it? As soon as humanly possible!

Supposedly there were Occupy Wall Street happenings here in NYC, but you never would've known it from our quiet midtown offices. Still, we were curious about the goings on and had to take a look. Any wacky signs about to go viral? Any zany antics we should know about? Take a look.

So for the most part it's what you'd expect -- lots of earnest marching, lots of the usual signs, and boat loads of police. Bla bla bla, occupy this and that. If the Occupy movement is frustrated that the media doesn't care, maybe it's because the story is always the same? I don't think I'm alone in thinking marches are kind of boring from an outsider's perspective. I know they're all energizing for the protesters, but for us? Meh.

That's why I love it when people get creative. Did you know they had a human-sized chess game and planted peas in Toronto? With the exception of the broken windows (seriously, Seattle?) I thought most of these were clever.

Did you know there were protests around the world today?



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