3 Questions for the Presidential Candidates to Get a Good Conversation Going

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As a lawyer, I was trained to ask all the right questions. But normally we are not limited to just three so narrowing my questions down to such a small number was tough. There are just too many important issues to address.  Then I remembered something I learned in law school.  One good question can help initiate an entire conversation.

To narrow down my questions, I thought about the purpose behind my questions. My hope is that if one of my questions gets selected, it will open the door to help create the changes we need for issues that are important not just to me, but to my community.  

Those issues are raising healthy children with healthy eating habits and lifestyles, health care, and education. With that said, here are the three questions that I hope would help spark a conversation about how we can see some of these important issues addressed.  


Question #1: What plans do you have to help eliminate the food deserts found in many poor, urban or rural communities across America so that every American neighborhood has access to affordable and fresh food? 

Last year, First Lady Michelle Obama began one important conversation.   The fact that millions of Americans live in communities called “food deserts,” or, neighborhoods that  have no access to stores that sell fresh fruits and vegetables.  To help effectuate a change, Mrs. Obama made it part of her platform to help give poor, urban and rural neighborhoods access to affordable healthy food.   She has worked with several major retailers, foundations, and small businesses to help bring healthful food to neighborhoods where a supermarket is rare or non-existent.  

Question #2: If you had to pick one country to serve as a model for health care reform in the country, what country and what model would that be? 

As I wrote previously, our current health care system needs some major revitalization.  Not only have I had at least one experience in a country that offers universal health care, but I have also researched what other countries have done.  Health care reform remains an important issue this election so naturally I would to hear more about this topic.   

2.     Question #3: What are your immediate plans to provide equal access to good, public education for all American children? 

Romney says that global competitiveness begins in the classroom and I couldn't agree more.  But what about the competition our current educational system has created within our own communities?   Why do some children rely on the luck of a lottery number to get into a good school while other children get left with no adequate choice?  The educational system in our country is failing so many children, we can no longer afford to wait.  I would like to hear what the immediate and long term goals are to improve the system. 

Those are my three questions, so let's get the conversation going! 

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