Keith Olbermann's Jimmy Kimmel Comments Prove He Can't Take a Joke

Last night, during the White House Correspondent's dinner, host Jimmy Kimmel made some comments about Keith Olbermann that SHOULD have made him laugh. Instead, they started a Twitter war. And while anyone can understand how getting ribbed publicly would be less than fun, Olbermann's humorless response only made him look bad.

The whole dinner is a bit of a roast. Obama made fun of everyone and their dog (on the roof) and Kimmel did the same. So why is Olbermann getting his knickers in a bunch? Can't he take his lumps like everyone else?

Apparently he can't. Olbermann recently lost his job with Current TV and Kimmel said:


I would like everyone to look under your seats. Under each one you will find a copy of Keith Olbermann’s resume. Is Keith here tonight? The limo wouldn’t pick him up? The thing about Keith is, he’s so likeable.

Olbermann, rather than laughing it off like a grown-up tweeted at him:

Funny that Jimmy Kimmel ripped me after his people desperately wanted me to fly to LA to be on his show this past Wednesday

Later he tweeted again:

I’m not complaining about the Kimmel jokes – I’m fair game. I’m complaining about the revenge element. It reminds me of O’Reilly.

Hmmm...  It seems someone can't take his lumps like everyone else.

Part of being a public figure is being taken down publicly and if you can't take it, you ought to get out of it.

I know it's hard to be mocked publicly, but when you can't take it or you fight back, it makes you look worse. Rise above, Olbermann! This is especially true for someone who has spent his life being critical of others. It is just poor form.

Kimmel is a comedian. This is what he does. Fight back with humor and not with bitterness and you will get much further with us, Keith!

If this is the way he is going about getting a new job, he needs to try a little harder. Buck up, dude! Take your lumps like the big boys.

Do you think he is being a baby?


Image via Freedom to Marry/Flickr

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