3 Questions for Obama & Romney From a Republican Mom

Photo courtesy ModerateMoms.com

If I were going to ask Mitt Romney and Barack Obama three questions, here's what I'd ask. While the 2012 election has cast a sharp line between both sides, my first question would be about bringing the two parties together.

"What characteristics do you have that would appeal to members of the opposition and help eliminate the stalemate in Washington?" 

Americans want progress, not gridlock. I would love to know how each of them could be effective in building bridges around the issues that concern us all. And I would like them to cite examples where they initiated change but had to work with the other party to get it implemented.


My second question:

"What do you see as the defining difference between a Democrat and a Republican -- and are social issues part of that definition?"

I believe the difference should ultimately be about small government versus big. Republicans believe in a market driven economy; Democrats believe it is the government's role, in many cases, to intervene. The question Republicans have of Democrats is: "At what cost?"

My third question:

"Will women be better off as a result of your leadership?"

All that talk about birth control was wildly off the mark when many women are struggling to pay their mortgages, keep their small businesses afloat, or make up for the losses to their retirement plans in recent years. It is totally patronizing to talk to us about birth control and abortion. These issues are ultimately are about women's rights concerning their own bodies and have no place in politics.


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