Crazy Cannibal Alligator Will Give You Nightmares (VIDEO)

cannibal alligator

What's scarier than an 800-pound alligator roaming the swamp, eyes, and mouth, wide open? How about a crazy 800-pound cannibal alligator with a taste for his own kind. This week on the show that everybody should be watching, Swamp People, the gator hunters go into the bayou searching for a beast they called Pas Tout La. The name is French for "Not All There," an apt moniker for an alligator who's going around biting off other gators' heads and who's eating through deer like a chainsaw. Gulp!

And I thought the rats in the subway were scary.


The gator sleuths weren't sure if they were the hunters or the prey when Pas Tout La got under their boat, but eventually the tides turned and the men were able to get a shot off. They dragged the hulking reptile onto their boat and brought him back into town to show off their latest capture and kill.

I don't want to get all sappy or anything, but it's kind of sad, isn't it? Poor crazy cannibal gator. One minute you're happily biting into the brains of your kinsmen, the next you're being worn as an expensive handbag or pair of men's shoes. Life's not fair, is it.

Watch the guys reel in Pas Tout La:

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