Woman Squeezes Man's Testicles So Hard It Kills Him

squeezingFolks, you may want to sit down for this one. And if you're a man, maybe pop an Advil to prepare? A woman killed a man in China recently by squeezing his testicles.

And what put her into such a rage? The dead man, a shop owner, allegedly wouldn't let her park her scooter in front of his store so she could go pick up her kid from school. Mama grizzly be crazy!


The whole Mom goes Incredible Hulk thing seemed so tabloidish at first, I was all set to write it off as urban legend. But then Gizmodo tracked down a urologist who says it's legit. The pain can actually cause a heart attack.

Um. Ouch?

There are about 100 lessons we can take away from this one. A scooter can't be that hard to re-park lady! And of course, violence is never the answer. Even if the guy was being a jerk, he did not deserve to die over a parking spot.

But what does this say about all the times we've laughed at the guy taking a hard hit to his jewels in a buddy flick (anything made by or with Adam Sandler comes to mind)? The guy was facing possible death, and we were giggling so hard popcorn was coming out of our mouths. Never again!

Let this poor guy's death be a lesson. Never, ever laugh at a guy when he takes a hit to the 'nads. Also? When he grabs his balls in sympathy when another guy takes a kick to the crotch, you are to give a sober nod in his direction to mark your solidarity.

OK. Lesson is over; class is dismissed.

Be honest: what do you do when you see guys wince over a testicle punch?


Image via Artotem/Flickr

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