Murdered Marine Wife's Last Message Will Give You Chills

Ugh! New evidence has come to light in the murder of the wife of a California Marine and it is terrifying. Today, a district attorney disclosed that Brittany Killgore, who was found dead April 17, had sent a last text message to a friend. What she said will give you night sweats.

Brittany had filed for divorce from her husband, Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore, who was in Afghanistan when she disappeared. Then, she met up with another Marine, Louis Ray Perez. This is where things get tragic.


Brittany was found dead and another woman, Jessica Lynn Lopez, has been charged. Lopez and Perez live together and supposedly were into the BDSM scene. And now comes word that Brittany’s last words were in a text message sent to a friend, and the message was a cry for help. Literally. The message said, "Help."

First of all, I can’t imagine what was going on there. Since she didn’t call 911 for help but text messaged a friend, did that mean she had to stay quiet? Also, she must have known she was in trouble and that things were going to get bad.

I cannot imagine what I would do if I got a message like this from a friend. I’d probably wonder if it was a mistake. Did she mean to write, "Hey"? "Hello"? My first instinct would be to call back. But what if it just went to voicemail? What would I do then? Would I call the police? It could be difficult to get the police to get involved with simple text that said, "Help," with no other information. Plus, they wouldn’t even know where to go. And neither would I.

It must be awful for the friend who got this message, to see the last cry of Brittany, and to know he or she wasn't able to save her. Of course, it’s much worse for Brittany, who had to send the message.

What would you do if your friend sent you a message like this?

Image via JonJon2k8/Flickr

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