Teacher Uses 'Immoral' In-Vitro Fertilization & Claims She Was Fired for It

ivfWe're finding out all sorts of interesting things about Catholic schools lately. First, we heard about the one who fired a teacher for getting pregnant while unmarried; and now we're hearing about another one who allegedly fired a (married) teacher last June for trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. What is wrong with these women? Do they think they have control of their bodies or something? Maybe in some futuristic world they do, but here in 2012, their lady parts are property of the Catholic Church, thankyouverymuch. 

Here's the deal. Emily Herx was a Language Arts teacher at St. Vincent de Paul school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And despite her having one child, she was having difficulty conceiving a second, so she decided to give in vitro a try. When some higher-ups got wind of this, they decided to let Herx go. Why? Oh, because she's a "grave, immoral sinner" who was involved with the "deliberate destruction and freezing of embryos."


Herx, who taught at St. Vincent de Paul for eight years (and got exemplary performance reviews), told TODAY that her termination came completely out of the blue. She said: "For two years my supervisor has known about it and said she was praying for us. So there was no warning. There was nothing. So in my heart I had support and I was being honest about it." Nice, right? So, now, Emily and her family are left with the bills for fertility treatments -- which, hello, are not cheap -- and one less job. Way to keep it classy, Catholic Church.

Rightfully, Emily is suing the school for discrimination. And, naturally, the school is saying they did nothing wrong, noting that they have "clear policies requiring that teachers in its schools must, as a condition of employment, have a knowledge and respect for the Catholic faith and abide by the tenets of the Catholic Church." Which, I guess, in Catholic-speak, means "all teachers must hate in vitro fertilization."

The fact that we're hearing about a story like this -- a story where a perfectly good teacher is being fired for what she's choosing to do with her body -- for the second time this month is unbelievably sad and demoralizing for society. It sometimes seems like we're going backwards in time. I mean, why don't they just burn these "evil" women at the stake while they're at it? We're constantly hearing about how there are so few "good" teachers these days. It's kind of starting to make sense why: They're all being fired for things that have nothing to do with their job.

Do you think Emily should have been fired?

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