Terrible Boyfriend's 'Prank' Plays on Women's Worst Fears (VIDEO)

Memo to all boyfriends considering pranks on their girlfriends: Pretending to be a masked robber isn't funny. It isn't funny at all.

One man thought it would be hilarious to dress up like a robber with a mask and hide in his girlfriend's apartment, jumping out at her just when she came home with friends. He filmed the whole thing and while it's funny in a way, the terror on these women's faces and the way they ran (and later cried) is not funny at all.

The problem that this "boyfriend" is so unaware of, it seems, is just how much FEAR women live with. See below:


I have always had boyfriends (and now a husband) who don't get what it's like to be a woman, so let me explain. We are taught from day one that we are vulnerable.

We are smaller, we are weaker, we can't walk at night for fear of rape or mugging. We can't wear red dresses because that is "asking for it," and many of us take self defense course in order to save ourselves should that thing we have been fearing all our lives happen one night in a dark alley (or a well-lit side street).

It's a daily fear and it isn't something men -- so big and tough -- are familiar with.

There is a reason we jump when our husbands grab us from behind or slow down their car while we are walking. "Hey baby want a ride" may seem funny to them, but to us? It's a moment of sheer terror.

Guys need to realize this and understand a little more what it's like to be a woman. This isn't funny. There is a reason his poor girlfriend is sobbing at the end of the video.

She may laugh it off, but as an objective woman, it makes me angry. Playing on a woman's worst fears and the very thing we are all taught to avoid and be terrified of doesn't strike me as a "joke" at all. At least not a funny one.

What do you think of this?


Image via viruz5/YouTube

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