Moms to Presidential Candidates: We’re Struggling (VIDEO)

moms message presidentWhat impressed the most about the latest Moms Matter 2012 video, "Nine Moms Send a Message to the Presidential Candidates," was how, despite their differences, each and every mom interviewed had the same basic concerns: The children of America deserve a better life than the one we're giving them. A better future. 

And politicians simply aren't listening.

Region, culture, economic status, health challenges ... every single one of the moms interviewed by Lindsay Ferrier had a unique story to tell, but every single one of the moms interviewed shared the same frustration: That presidential candidates are more concerned with their own agendas than the actual issues at hand.


Among those issues? Probably the same ones that keep you up at night: Education, health care, child care, work/family balance. Paying the bills. Making it through another week, another month. One mom spoke for a nation when she said, "We're struggling out here."

Moms are definitely speaking up -- but are politicians listening? Hey guys, do we need to SHOUT?

What message would you send to presidential candidates?


Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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