Pregnant Woman's Remains Found & Shameful Gossip About Her Love Life Continues

Trudie Hall
The good news, if this is even good news at all: the remains of Trudie Hall, the pregnant Massachusetts woman who disappeared nearly two years ago in July 2010 have been found, eerily enough in a wooded area similar to one her mother had envisioned in a dream.

The bad news is that the mystery surrounding her now-confirmed shooting death are still fuzzy, but speculation is percolating around her personal life, which is fanning the flames of vicious rumor and detracting from the fact that she is the victim. At the time she was murdered, Trudie was four months pregnant with the baby of a married man who was no stranger to dust-ups with the law. Gossip also suggested that she herself was already married… to two husbands at the same time. Now then, we’ve gotten the shock factor out of the way.


When victims are vilified, in the public and in the media, it makes justice harder to come by and peace less likely for the family, particularly one who’s already suffered for two long years wondering what happened to their 23-year-old daughter and waiting and praying for closure. Like most of the other loved ones of women who’ve turned up mysteriously missing, they’ve enlisted social media to help find her and kept hope actively alive, even as time flew by.

Meanwhile, local news coverage about her disappearance began to focus just as much on the “fact” that she’d been married twice in one year—the year before she went missing—than the definite fact that she hadn’t been seen in first weeks, then months. Rather than working to build justified suspicion around the men in her life, including her unborn child’s father, who was not either one of the husbands, there was a growing fascination with Trudie-the-woman-with-two-husbands-and-one-baby-daddy, subliminally suggesting her death might’ve been the result of her own decision-making. That was never directly stated, of course. There is still a sense of decorum in matters like these.

But the constant coverage made it the hot button issue in the case, even as she was unable to speak for, defend, or explain herself.

I suspect if she had been a man who had two wives and went missing, that fact would’ve been less sensationalized and more of an underlying detail in the telling of the story. Excuses may have even been offered up on his behalf. But last time I checked, there are plenty of polygamists and flat out cheats who are still walking around (though, in my world, many of the men who operate under the privileges of polygamy are just doing so because religious doctrine gives them the authority and context to be piggishly unfaithful). Trudie’s problem was she being a woman, so she got none of the benefit of the doubt.

Still, her family can celebrate her as the young woman she was, knowing for certain what became of her and hopefully, prayerfully find healing from losing both her and her unborn baby.

Do you think the personal lives of female crime victims are more closely scrutinized?

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