Heartwarming Gay Military Homecoming Is Incredibly Persuasive (VIDEO)

gay military homecoming proposalWith inspiring, tear-jerking viral videos hitting the web every day, I'd venture to guess you've seen your fair share of military homecomings. And probably also military homecomings that result in marriage proposals. But what you're about to see takes both of those already amazing, heart-soaring things to a completely new level.

That's because the short film was done for British marriage equality advocacy group The Coalition for Equal Marriage, a group that envisions a country in which service men and women could come home, kiss their significant other, then put a ring on it! You'd think most Brits and Americans would be all for that these days. But for anyone on the fence, the film -- directed by Mike Buonaiuto, who said his own desire to marry his long-term partner offered inspiration -- sure makes an excellent case.

So, without further ado ...


I won't even hesitate to say it: If this doesn't strike a serious chord with you, then you have NO SOUL! This incredibly moving clip had me bawling like a little baby. Because it's not just moving or persuasive -- it's downright romantic as hell!

What's more, its straightforward beauty underlines the fact that this isn't just some polarizing fringe issue anymore. It's a matter of equal, civil rights that we should want for all men and women. It's a matter of humanity.

If we want to vote on the right side of history and U.K. and U.S. leaders want to be remembered on the right side of history, standing up for marriage equality is the obvious choice. Because why would anyone with a heart want to stand in the way of this amazing, beautiful storyline from becoming an everyday occurrence on both sides of the pond? I rarely use this expression, but doing that would simply be un-patriotic.

How does this video make you feel?


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