Awesome Dad Beats Down Peeping Tom Staring in His Daughter's Window

peeping tomWhat would you do if you caught a strange man standing on a cinder block outside your bathroom window, watching your 14-year-old daughter take a shower? If you're a father in Baytown, Texas, you chase down the culprit, beat him to a pulp, then call the cops. It all went down last week when the teen girl heard a loud noise outside her bedroom window and alerted her father. Dad did what any dad would do and ran after the peeping Tom and gave him a piece of his mind ... and his fist. Geovany Ismael Torres, 26, was arrested and charged, and his mug shot is evidence of just how pissed the father was -- Torres' face is covered in cuts and bruises.

KTRK-TV interviewed the neighbors and they all agree that they'd have done the same thing had they discovered a creep was staring at their daughter in the shower. But, question: Is violence ever the answer?


Hell yeah it is! Listen, we're only talking about some bumps and bruises, no bones were broken, no stitches were required, so I don't see anything wrong with a father wanting to defend his daughter by laying into a man illegally leering at his family.

Parents are programmed to take any action necessary to protect their children and I have to believe that the dad in this case was acting on instinct. Can you imagine the rage that must have been pulsing through his body when he saw what was happening? A mother in Des Moines can probably relate -- when she learned that a child molester had approached her daughter at a public pool, she chased him down and clobbered him, as well.

When those Mama Bear and Papa Bear impulses kick in, there's not much any offender can do. Parents will fight to the death for their kids.

No charges were pressed against the dad, nor should there have been. He did the best he could to safeguard his daughter, and his community, from a creeper on the loose. You go, Dad, you go.

How would you have handled this peeping Tom situation?


Photo via Baytown Sheriff's Department

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