Parents Accused of Raping Their Teenage Babysitter (VIDEO)

An 18-year-old babysitter has accused a Georgia lawyer and his young wife of rape. The charges stem from an incident last December when the babysitter says Joseph Neal Jr, 43, and his 23-year-old wife plied her with marijuana and alcohol in an attempt to sexually assault her.

She managed to text with her boyfriend and asked for help. Now Neal has recently been suspended from practicing law in South Carolina after being indicted by a grand jury on a count of rape and on furnishing alcohol to a person under 21 in March. He pleaded not guilt and so did his ex-wife, Caroline Neal.

Still, this is insane. See the news story below:


Obviously people are innocent until proven guilty, but it does raise so many questions, especially given that the police had been at the house to settle a domestic dispute during which the wife hit and kicked her husband in front of his 13-year-old son.

But you have to worry about any children in this house.

If this isn't true, then his life is being destroyed by the accusation as he can no longer practice law. If this is true, then clearly this is not a man (or a woman) who should be anywhere near children.

After all, 18 is still a child, especially in our culture. If this happened and these two saw an 18-year-old as sexual, who is to say they wouldn't do the same to another child?

Couples who commit crimes together are romanticized in our culture; think Bonnie and Clyde or Mickey and Mallory. We all want that romantic, together until the end, kill all the rest kind of love. But in real life and practice, couples who commit crimes together are sick and co-dependent. It's icky and wrong, and if this couple is guilty, I hope they are locked up for good.

There is nothing good about people who could do something like this.

Does this story make you worry for your teen daughter?

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