Man Dressed as Dead Mother for 6 Years -- Hair, Lipstick, Nails & All (PHOTO)

Thomas Prusik-Parkin
Thomas Prusik-Parkin & Mhilton Rimolo
Just when you think you've heard it all, a man goes and dresses up like his dead mother -- for six years -- in order to continue cashing in on her Social Security benefits. Thomas Prusik-Parkin was in court yesterday for allegedly collecting over $115,000 of his deceased mother Irene's government benefits after she died in 2003. How did he do it? Well, first, he reportedly changed Irene's death certificate, adding a fake Social Security number and birthday, making it seem like she was still alive. Then he went to the DMV to renew her driver's license -- dressed like her. And then when people started growing suspicious of him during a real estate battle, he threw on a coat of nail polish, a red cardigan, and some lipstick and met with the DA's office. What could possibly go wrong, right?


Needless to say, Prusik-Parkin's ruse wasn't as rock solid as he thought. He and an accomplice -- Mhilton Rimolo, his "nephew" -- were indicted in 2009 on 47 counts, including grand larceny, forgery, conspiracy, and criminal impersonation. So, yeah.

If this is true, which surveillance videos seem to indicate, wow. Creepy Norman Bates factor aside, who'd have thought there's a person out there with this little scruples? I've seen people get weird about the leftover money of the deceased, but going as far as dressing up like someone who died -- especially when that someone is your mother and you're a man! -- brings the world down to a whole new low. 

Prusik-Parkin has already been in jail for three years for this mess. If convicted, he could be in there for another 22. Seems like an appropriate punishment for a particularly disturbing crime.

Um ... thoughts on this?

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