Former 'Fresh Prince' Star Leads Carlton Dance Flash Mob -- Don’t Mind If We Do (VIDEO)

Carlton danceThe Carlton Dance is an American classic. Not quite the Twist or the Hokey Pokey, but endearing enough to be instantly recognizable when someone cranks up Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” and breaks out in that infamous hip-swingin’, finger-snappin’, swirly, twirly little jig. So how amazing was it to see 'Carlton' himself (of old school Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame) Alfonso Ribeiro lead hundreds of people doing the Carlton Dance at the Universal Studios City Walk over the weekend in a deliciously corny attempt to break the record for largest flash mob in North America? Pretty. Darn. Cool.


You weren’t there, you say? You were off at a baby shower or mowing your lawn or sitting in the waiting room at the DMV and missed out on the chance to put the Carlton Dance on the history books? Well, that’s too bad. But I was there. See if you can spot me in the crowd. I’m the one looking extra super excited in the back: 

OK, I’m just kidding. I was off playing paintball in the backwoods of Delaware and hence, didn’t get wind of this whole movement until well after the last shuffle and two-step had been, well, shuffled and two-stepped. Most of these impromptu dancers represented it well -- one, two, three, pivot! -- but some of these folks look like they’ve never seen an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in their lives. Put some oomph into it!

Carlton himself seems to be taking it pretty seriously and after 16 years of being off the air, which means we’ve been living 16 years in a Carlton dance-less world, he’s still got it. And not looking too shabby in the process, might I add. Nice calves. (Alfonso will forever be known as Carlton Banks, just like, no matter how many other roles she gets, Julia-Louis Dreyfus will always be Elaine Benes. Those are the breaks.) Seems like being on Dancing with the Stars helped him stay fresh and footloose.

Similar groups around the country were also trying to break the flash mob record at the same time, but none were as interesting as this one apparently, since this is the only one I’ve heard about. No word on whether this attempt was actually successful in making the history they were attempting to make but it was good, nostalgic fun in the process.

We’re thinking of formulating a Stir flash mob (not really, but just go with it). What dance do you want to do? 

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