Murdered Marine Wife's Kinky Bondage Link Shouldn't Matter -- For Now

The murder of a California Marine’s wife, Brittany Killgore, just gets more sad and bizarre. First, a woman named Jessica Lynn Lopez was charged in Brittany’s murder. Now a man who is a “person of interest” in the investigation was found to be a regular on kinky bondage websites.

Louis Ray Perez, who reportedly lives with the murder suspect and was the last person to see Brittany Killgore alive, also apparently liked to post on kinky BDSM sites.


One romantic ad he supposedly penned went like this:

I am lord and master, dom and daddy of my house. My slave, Ms. Dee, is a slave to no one but myself.

Okay, it's bad enough to be the last person who saw a murdered woman alive, but this makes him look even worse right? Only, it shouldn't really. It’s not my thing, but I actually have more than one friend who is into the bondage-y stuff. A few even write about it. No ... big ... deal.

Granted, throw in a dead woman and the main suspect who's living with you, and suddenly the bondage-y, slave-y stuff looks mighty suspicious and perhaps could be a motive in the murder. Who knows? I’m not a detective.

All I’m saying is that lots of nice, normal, non-murderers go on those sites and post ads for slaves and doms and subs and daddies and all the rest. Like I said, not me! If I did, I would admit it. There’s no shame in it, as long as it’s consensual. To each his or her own.

A lot of you mommies are out there reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Lot of bondage-y stuff in there. So I hear. Not like I read it. But word has it those kinky scenes in the book are inspiring a lot of women in the bedroom.

So let us allow the police figure to out what happened to this woman without getting all preoccupied by the bondage-y, slave-y, dom-y, master-y stuff. Because that’s not what’s important. Right?

Does Perez's kinky sex life make him more suspicious to you?


Image via confusedcourage/Flickr

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