California Meteor Is Way Cooler Than Any UFO (VIDEO)

asteroid\" height=If you live in California or Nevada, you got one hell of a wake-up call Sunday morning when, oops, a giant meteor the size of a minivan exploded into a billion bits over your populated towns and cities. Scientists have confirmed that an asteroid blazed through the sky in a red, white, and green blur until it exploded, releasing with it a force one quarter the strength of an atomic bomb. People in Reno, Nevada and Northern California called 911 when their windows and houses started shaking inexplicably.

See? There are such things as UFOs, and they just happen to be intensely dense astronomical objects that may or may not detonate over your house at any given moment. Science!


Lest you be not impressed with our universe, scientists want to reassure you that what just happened was a "big event." Big event. Huge.

So! I know you're now planning on searching for bits of this space rock, but before you put on your best walking shoes and dig a flashlight out of the garage somewhere, I suggest you take a look at this video first. You know, for clues as to where to begin your hunt.

Check it out!

What do you think? Pretty amazing, huh.


Photo via nomicore/Flickr

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