Gun Slingin' Granny Wins Shootout Against Robbers (VIDEO)

grandma lulu campbellFifty-seven-year-old Lulu Campbell had just dropped off her teenage grandson at her daughter's house when two armed men ran up to her car window and demanded money. They threatened to shoot her, too, probably thinking Lulu was unarmed and an easy target, being an old lady and such. Well, they were wrong.

As it happens, Lulu Campbell always packs heat. She owns convenience stores and gas stations, so she's prepared for a hold-up. And she gives as good as she takes. Give it up for this gun-slinging grandma: Cool Hand Lulu.


After one of the men made the first shot at Lulu (and missed), she pulled out her own gun and shot the guy in the chest. And the shootout went on from there. After all the smoke had cleared, Lulu had eight bullet holes in her truck's hood, one on the grill, and two smashed windows. She actually felt one bullet breeze past her chest. She's not even sure how she managed to survive the shootout against two other people. But she did.

The man she shot is in the hospital and has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted robbery. The other ran away, but police are on his trail.

Wow, I bet that was the last thing these two guys were expecting when they tried to hold up Lulu! That's one tough woman. And it sounds like she's a better shot than the alleged robbers, too. Lulu's ex-husband was a cop and trained her. Still, in the Philippines where Lulu was raised, it was only men who used guns. Handling one herself definitely required Lulu to step out of her comfort zone.

Would you believe the men who allegedly tried to rob Lulu were former customers? The nerve!

Do you think it's still unusual for women to carry and use guns?


Image via Huffington Post

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