Woman Wins Lottery Twice by Accident -- Let's All Learn From Her Mistake!

powerballI don't know about you but, thanks to two-time lottery winner Virginia Fike, I'm feeling a whole lot better about being a bonehead today. We have all been there. You make a mistake so dumb you feel like throwing your hands up, crawling back into bed, and pulling the covers up over your face so you don't have to actually look at anyone.

But did you hear what happened to Fike? She won $1 million. Twice. All because she made a mistake! You know there's a good story behind this one.


Turns out Fike meant to buy one Powerball ticket and another for the Mega Millions. Makes sense, right? You diversify your spending to try to up your chances to win? Only the Virginia woman accidentally bought two Powerball tickets. That kept her out of the drawing for that ginormous $640 million Mega Millions jackpot that everyone's been fighting over in the news lately. Bummer, right?

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Buuuuuuut remember those two Powerball tickets? Yeah, she had five out of the six numbers on each ticket. So she won the lottery. Twice.

Say it with me now y'all: how do I learn how to make mistakes like this? Usually my flubs stay that way. The best screw-up I made recently was accidentally buying swirled chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet ... and realizing they are seriously the bomb diggity in this new whiskey chocolate chip cookie recipe I was trying out. I guess that's better than forgetting to buy chips at all when I had cookies to make ...

See what I did there? I just made the best of a bad situation. Kind of like Virginia Fike. No more crawling under the covers for me. No sirree! Life is looking up.

If Virginia Fike can turn a boneheaded blunder into a $2 million windfall, who knows what I can do next?

Have you ever had a Virginia Fike-like screw-up that ended serendipitously? What was your best one?


Image via dno1967b/Flickr

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