Incredible 94-Year-Old Woman Quick Steps Like She’s 30 (VIDEO)

Let me confess that one of my deepest fears is getting old. Isn't it true for most of us? I don't fear so much the whole dying thing (though that sucks too), but becoming frail, housebound, and unable to do the things I love, like bicycling and running. But 94-year-old Mathilda Klein says Pshaw! to all that. She recently stunned the judges in a quick step dance competition.

Take a look at this magnificent woman (I refuse to call her “oldster”) as she ditches her walker and boogies down with her much younger dance partner:


Mathilda reminds me of another elderly lady who became a star on YouTube. Remember Johanna Quass, the 86-year-old gymnast with the agility of a 25-year-old? She blew everyone’s minds with her tumbles, cartwheels, and all-around amazingness. Take a look:

Believe it or not, LieveDaffy, who uploaded the awesome octogenarian’s video, had to disable the comments section because of all of the “sexist” rants people were leaving. Is there nothing people won’t insult? How could you possibly have a problem with a woman who is 86 years old and could kick your ass?

Well, I for one plan on being just like these inspiring ladies when I’m their age. But I think it will take a lot more than some vitamins and glucosomine supplements. To be this agile in what could be the last decade of your life requires daily, maybe hourly, exercise. I'm off to the gym!

Does Mathilda make you feel better about getting older?


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