Susan Sarandon Says Government Tapped Her Phone -- What a Waste of Tax Dollars!

susan sarandonSusan Sarandon isn't one of those celebs who likes to lead a quiet life off-screen. Oh hell no. She has been a vocal activist for many liberal causes for years, standing up against the 2003 invasion of Iraq and even speaking at the site of Occupy Wall Street in NYC last fall. And being that she is a Hollywood A-lister, it's no surprise that she might be on some top secret government list of troublemakers.

At the Tribeca Film Festival, she addressed the topic, stating that she knows her phone was tapped. Plus, she claimed, "I was denied security clearance to go to the White House [next week], and I don't know why." Bizarre, huh? But not so bizarre to Fahrenheit 9/11 documentarian Michael Moore, who was being interviewed by Sarandon at the time. He said he doesn't really like to think about it, but he's pretty darn sure "everything I'm saying in an email or saying on the telephone is being looked at." Awesome.


Moore went on to explain that he believes he had been the target of a "disinformation campaign," possibly engineered by the federal government. He explains:

I was told this by some people in the Bush administration. They went bonkers when Fahrenheit came out and thought it would throw the election to [Democratic presidential nominee John] Kerry. The reason I'm a poster boy on Fox News and Rush Limbaugh is because my films reach a large group of people in the middle, not just on the left.

Okay, sure, people want to just brush these two aside as uber-liberal big mouths who have nothing better to do than cry that their civil liberties are being abused by Big Washington, but the fact of the matter is that their complaints are a worrisome reality. I'm heartened that Sarandon was actually able to find out about being under surveillance via the Freedom of Information Act. But that doesn't make it any less disconcerting that she or Moore is probably being surveyed in the first place.

First of all, what the heck kind of threat are these two anyway? Does taxpayers' money really have to go toward tracking them? Give me a break! Second, isn't it troubling that when it comes to invading certain people's privacy, the government seems to think nothing of it? It's just par for the course. Something they could perhaps chalk up to a potential domestic terrorist threat or some such BS. Puhleeeez.

Given that we have much bigger threats at hand, to think the government is spending time and resources targeting and/or tracking Hollywood elite who are merely exercising their First Amendment rights is what's really frightening.

What do you think about Sarandon and Moore's comments?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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