4-Year-Old Shoots Father in Head Over Video Game

toy gunThis story is really depressing, so if you're not in the mood, it's best you move on. Because I get it -- not everyone wants to ruin their day by reading about a 4-year-old who shot and killed his father. It happened in Saudi Arabia. The toddler had asked for a PlayStation, and when his dad didn't return from the store with one, the son picked up his father's handgun and shot him in the head at point-blank range. Told you this story was a day-ruiner.

The dad had put the weapon down while he was undressing and that's when the kid picked it up and fired. So terrible. After the story a few weeks ago about a dad shaking his 3-week-old son to death after the baby's cries had disturbed his Xbox session, you gotta wonder what the hell is up with the video game culture around the world.


I think it goes without saying that people kill people, it's not the video games or video game systems that pull the trigger, but still. Sort of mind-boggling to read about two similar instances of fatal violence that involved a deadly obsession with video games.

This story is especially heart-breaking because it's hard to wrap your brain around the fact that a 4-year-old would know how to execute someone. Where did he learn how to do such a thing? Playing video games at a friend's house? Watching TV? Playing outside with his neighbors? We all do so much to protect our kids from, well, everything, but sometimes we have to protect them from themselves. Which is to say, if they're not old enough to understand that guns are real and that they kill, they're not old enough to play pretend with them.

People are going to try and place blame on someone here -- is the father at fault for not buying the gift? Is the boy at fault for doing the deed? Is the mother to blame for letting her son be exposed to guns? Is the gun-culture to blame? The government? The video games? The toy makers? -- but I don't know if there's one finger that can be pointed in one direction. It should be many fingers pointed in many directions because the fact that a 4-year-old shot his father, on purpose, in the head is a big problem.

This boy is going to have to go through life knowing what he did, and I cannot begin to imagine the burden he, and his mother, will bear. We can ask as many questions and point as many fingers as we want, but it won't change their reality. So terrible. My thoughts are with the family.

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Photo via ganesha.isis/Flickr

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