First Photos of Sex Scandal Escort Show More Than a $29 Hooker

glitter heelsLet me ask you something. Meet Dania Suarez, the Colombian escort who launched a dozen Secret Service firings (we hope). Does she look like a $29 hooker to you? No, she doesn't. She looks young, healthy, and fun. In other words, she looks like the $800 escort she advertised.

She's also a 24-year-old single mother of a 9-year-old boy. When she's not getting ripped off by secret agents, she lives a quiet life in a residential neighborhood in Cartagena.

Her neighbors had no idea. Now, thanks to some cheapskate who thought "Colombian" was Spanish for "deep discount for you, Joe America," they do. But let's go back to those pictures of Dania and ask ourselves: What in SAM HELL was that agent thinking? Is that any way to treat a serious businesswoman?


Yeah, I said it. Businesswoman. Prostitution is legal in Cartagena, and this is a mom trying to make the best of what she has to make a living. Maybe it's not the kind of career most would approve of, but she's a woman who (ahem) filled a need in the marketplace.

And what pisses me off most about this story is that the Secret Service agent who hired her had so little respect for her that he'd try to pay her way, way less than the agreed-upon price. What a dick move. 

What this reveals is the Secret Service agents' misogyny. I mean, these are the same guys who make jokes about "checking out" Sarah Palin. No respect! (Yeah, she's not my favorite. But you have to admit, that's another dick move.) If they thought so little of what Dania had to offer, why didn't they just stay in their hotel rooms slappin' the salami for free? Geezus, these guys got what they deserved.

And by the way, how f-ed up is this Spirit Airlines ad? What. Is wrong. With people?

spirit airlines photo

Were you surprised to see what the Colombian escort at the center of the scandal looks like?


Image via libertygrace0/Flickr

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