Clooney, Schmooney ... Republican Celebrities Should Start Raffling Off Dinners Too

hollwood stars

At first blush, it seems like there is something untoward about mixing politics and celebrity. Politics should be high minded and serious and not about glamour, right? But when you consider the effect that an Angelina Jolie or a George Clooney can have on an issue like world hunger or genocide, it gives you pause.

And now Barack Obama is playing 2010 election sweepstakes by raffling off the chance to have dinner with him and George Clooney.


That does seem a little cheesy during an election year, but my message to the Republicans in Hollywood is: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Why aren't the celebrities who are Republicans as passionate and outspoken about their causes or their party as Democrats are? The last really high profile Republican celebrity who took on an issue that I remember is Charlton Heston and the thing he talked about was guns.

There are a lot more Republicans in Hollywood than you might imagine. Google it. Adam Sandler and Heather Locklear are two names that might surprise you! Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone are two more.

It's time for Hollywood Republicans to come out of the closet and sit by the dinner table!

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