Flight Attendants Say Passenger Flashed Them (And You Thought Your Job Was Bad!)

passengers inside airplaneI've encountered my fair share of flight attendants whose phony smile and condescending tone when telling us to put our seatbacks in the upright position and tray tables up and locked make it clear that they're jerks. But I also realize that, often, passengers are the jerks. And being that these flight attendants have to concur with not just jerks but crazy people 24/7/365, my heart does go out to some of them ... sometimes ... a little.

For instance, you gotta feel for the folks working a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Seattle when a passenger allegedly exposed himself to the flight attendants. A Port of Seattle spokesman said the man was arrested upon his arrival in Seattle. Oh geeze!

What is UP with all these looney toons up in the air right now?


I mean, think about it, how many drunks, self-centered Alec Baldwin-like Words With Friends-obsessed, Gerard Depardieu mid-flight pee'ers -- and obviously, penis flashers -- do these poor flight attendants have to contend with on a daily, nightly basis? UGH! When you think about it that way, it definitely puts the gig in perspective.

Although there aren't too many details out there just yet, these flight attendants on this Southwest flight deserve a BRAVO! for how they handled this flasher guy. After all, the "incident did not cause a delay and the flight arrived on time." Well, why do you think that is? Clearly, the flight attendants kept the flasher away from the cockpit, that's why! Boo-yah!

But, no, I'm serious. These flight attendants really do have their hands full with whackjobs. Thank goodness they're trained to handle emergencies and protect the rest of us sane passengers from these self-obsessed or out-to-lunch freakshows.

How kooky is this story?! Do you feel for flight attendants?

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