Trayvon Martin's 'Last Words' Should Make Us Angry

george zimmermanNew details about the Trayvon Martin shooting have surfaced: A law-enforcement source close to the case (but not directly involved) claims to know Trayvon Martin's last words. That is, according to the accounts Zimmerman gave police.

The odd thing is, Martin's last words don't make much sense. They're baffling. Did Zimmerman make them up, distort what Martin really said, or are we just missing details that would give more context to the phrase Martin supposedly said just before he died?

If anything, Martin's supposed last words just deepen the mystery.


According to the source, right after Zimmerman shot Martin the boy said, "Okay, you got it" twice before dying.

Martin's father said police told him Trayvon's last words were actually, "Okay, you got me." This would make much more sense. But the family's own lawyer doesn't believe either version.

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Regardless, we'll probably never know for sure. This is just one more drop from the steady drip of random, out-of-context details that have leaked from this case. I just don't think we can take "okay, you got it" very seriously at all. Who cares what this anonymous source says Zimmerman told the police? We're not on the jury. And we're not being presented with a coherent case.

Really, I wish everyone with access to information would just zip it and let the grownups get their work done. I mean, thanks random source dude, for that totally unhelpful bit of information. What other non-illuminating details would you like to leak next? What this detail really reveals is how hungry we are to reach a conclusion about this story -- and how far away we still are.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's family members will be testifying at his bond hearing tomorrow morning.

Do you think these really are Trayvon Martin's last words, or do you think we'll ever know?


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