Woman Gets Workers' Comp for Sex Injury She Suffered on Work Trip

do not disturb signSome people? They've got balls of steel. I'm not one of these people, per se, but the woman who filed a workers' comp suit for getting injured while she was having sex on a business trip certainly is. And to her, I offer a virtual fist bump. Because you know what? She actually got it.

A federal court judge ruled today that the unidentified woman in her 30s is entitled workers' compensation because, much like eating or walking or photocopying, the sex she was having was an "ordinary incident of life." I mean, technically, yeah, sex is an ordinary part of life. But I'm not so sure this woman's sex was ordinary. Wait 'til you hear how she was injured.


According to the woman's companion, the two were "going hard" when a glass light fixture fell off of the hotel's wall and onto the woman's head. She filed the claim on the basis of having suffered facial and psychological injuries.

Weird? Yes. But the lady technically does have a point. If she were boning this dude in the privacy of her, or his, own home, odds are a sconce wouldn't have fallen on her face. In other words, she would have never been injured were she not away on business. It's a super technical, highly litigious situation, but at the end of the day, legally, she's right. The system sucks unless it works in your favor, right?

Legalities aside, this woman really is my hero. I mean, to file for workers' comp in regards to something that happened mid-bone is a bold move. She's basically saying, "I don't give a crap what the world thinks of me, I want my money. And, yeah, I was having super dirty sex. What?" Brilliant. I'd never have the cojones to do something like that. Not in a million years.

Do you think this woman was right to file for workers' comp? Or to get it?


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