Newest Mega Millions Winners Have the Worst Luck

There is not a person who bought a lottery ticket for the $656 million Mega Millions giant jackpot who didn't want to win. Winning that much money would be amazing in so very many ways. But two out of three of the winners chose to remain anonymous. Unfortunately for the third winners, they are not so lucky. In Illinois it's required for winners to reveal themselves.

Two weeks after all the hoopla, a retired southern Illinois couple finally came forward and admitted that they held the winning ticket. Lucky, lucky ducks.

Thus far the couple has played it cool, visiting financial advisers and lawyers before coming forward, but now everything is about to change and the fact that the state is forcing them out of hiding is pretty disappointing.


In Illinois, it's required to be open and do publicity. It's precisely these kinds of things that have ruined the lives of past winners.

The more public your win, the less likely you are to be able to avoid the people who come out of the woodwork to ask for money. Past lottery winners have been inundated with emails and notes asking for handouts. One lottery winner said they received a note asking for $35,000 and no other information.

If you are rich, it's so much smarter to play it like you aren't. No one needs to know what is in your bank account. In fact, some of the wealthiest people I have ever known kept it hidden very well.

When your net worth is out there, people feel safe to judge at will. Smart, rich people don't buy expensive cars or flashy clothing. Even if you are "new money" like a lottery winner, it's so much smarter to play it like an old money person by investing wisely and keeping it private. No one needs to know how wealthy you are.

For the mega millions winners who remained anonymous, this will be much easier. Sure, everyone loves a good story. Who doesn't enjoy the tale of a retired woman giggling "for four hours" after her big win? But I am sure they wish they had been allowed to stay more private.

For the few weeks they had it, anonymity was probably pretty sweet. Still, my guess is they won't be another lottery winner turned loser They seem too smart for that.

Now on to the next big jackpot!

Do you think lottery winners should have to be public?


Image via borman818/Flickr

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