Obama Eats Dog Meat & the Twitter Games Begin

barack bo obamaThings change. People change. What may be considered by acceptable by one era or culture might not be by the next. I was in elementary school in the early 90s, and it was considered totally okay not only to let 6 year olds ride in the front seat, but to let them double buckle. The shock! The horror! As a sixteen-year-old new driver in 1999, I picked up my 4-year-old cousin from preschool and let her (legally) ride in the front seat.

Almost twenty years ago, the Romney family put their dog in a kennel and strapped it to the roof of their car. Was this okay? I don’t know. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. What I am here to say is that it’s silly that the media jumped all over it as an example of how cold and uncaring Governor Romney was to the family pet.


On the roof or not, at least Mitt Romney didn’t eat dog meat, as President Obama has. Again, let me restate that I’m not here to judge the actions of another person, but I will point out media inconsistencies. News of Romney’s canine faux paw pas made headlines, even sparking a Facebook group titled, “Dogs Against Romney.”

At least the presumptive GOP presidential nominee didn’t eat dog. On Tuesday, Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller pointed out that Obama himself proclaimed in his memoir Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance that he had, as a child in Indonesia, tasted dog meat. Which is worse: Roof of the car, or roof of the mouth?

It doesn’t matter. But if the mainstream media is going to make a big deal out of Romney’s pooch on top of the car, you can rest assured that new media will pounce on the opportunity to make light of ridiculous allegations. Thus began the #ObamaDogRecipes Twitter hashtag game

Before we begin with the best of the #ObamaDogRecipes tweets, I’d like to highlight this one from the aforementioned Jim Treacher, just because it’s so gosh darn funny:

Q: Why did @MittRomney put his dog on top of the car? A: So @BarackObama wouldn't eat it.#WeWillNotBeSilenced #GenK9 @jtLOL

 Now onto the best of beasty tweets!

Snickerpoodle Cookies #ObamaDogRecipes @TXTrendyChick

Spanielkopita #ObamaDogRecipes @ExJon

Yorkshire Terrier Pudding #Obamadogrecipes @cprater

Chicken Poodle Soup.#ObamaDogRecipes @jtLOL

Puppyseed Bagels #ObamaDogRecipes @detlions81

Totofu #ObamaDogRecipes @SmallgGay

Ol' Yellerfin Tuna #ObamaDogRecipes @CuffyMeh

And some of my own contributions:

K9-Layer Dip #ObamaDogRecipes

Spaghetti and Mutt-balls #ObamaDogRecipes

Mongrel Beef #ObamaDogRecipes

Jalapeno Puppers #ObamaDogRecipes

Pugs in a Blanket #ObamaDogRecipes 

Obama may or may not be a man’s best friends, but he sure knows how to (inadvertenly) set off a fun hashtag game on Twitter!


Image via Pete Souza/WikimediaCommons

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