Man Gets Naked at Airport Security & Proves Naked People Are Most Secure (VIDEO)

airportGet out the beaded curtains and flower-power headbands because it would seem that we're headed back to the '60s, y'all, where nakedness was totally groovy, baby. The whole get-naked-when-the-TSA-pisses-you-off trend is gaining speed, prompting all of us to wonder if we're in for some sort of make-love-not-war era of peaceful, yet attention grabbing, protests. And it's all starting in our nation's airports. A woman in Denver recently took off all her clothes when the TSA pushed her buttons, and just now, in Portland, Oregon, a 50-year-old man was arrested when he stripped down to his birthday suit after he was told he'd been selected for additional screening.

He really, really, really wanted to show security that he was totally secure. Not sure if he did a little twirl and bent over, but I hope he did.


A fellow passenger told CNN that some people in the terminal covered their faces (my eyes! my eyes!) and some got out their cameras and started taking photos of the naked man's protest.

And "protest" it was -- the nude guy wasn't inebriated or on any drugs and admitted to authorities that he disrobed as a form of somewhat-civil disobedience. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Can't wait for this trend to really catch on. Going through security would be such a breeze if half of the people in line were naked. There'd be no doubling-back through the metal detectors, there'd be no pat-downs causing a back-up, and let's be honest, there would be a lot of laughs. Nakedness is funny! When's the last time you laughed in line at security. Heck, when's the last time you even smiled at an airport. People sauntering around in the nude would certainly be something to giggle about.

So far we've got two airport strippers -- who's ready, willing, and able to become the third? Come on, you can do it!

Do you think getting naked at airport security is a good way to send the TSA a message?


Photo via shamanicshift/Flickr

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