Jane Goodall Makes Jon Stewart Mushy for Monkeys (VIDEO)

jane goodall jon stewartApparently chimpanzees and humans really aren't all that different by nature, because renowned chimp expert Jane Goodall figured out how to reduce Jon Stewart to a pile of mush in about a minute and a half. The eternally elegant Goodall made an appearance on The Daily Show last night as official spokesperson for the upcoming Disney film Chimpanzee, and ... let's just say it was a rare emotionally vulnerable moment for Stewart.

Granted, Goodall is quite the gifted storyteller -- and Chimpanzee's plot is heart-wrenching enough to make even the most cynical of men get all teary-eyed.

As Stewart protested, "I'm not made of wood!"



If you're thinking Chimpanzee is gonna be some kind of fun-loving forest romp with adorable baby animals ... actually, you're kind of right, but that's only PART of the movie. The two main "characters" are Oscar, an orphaned chimp, and Freddy, the head chimp of Oscar's group who basically adopts him and becomes so incredibly devoted to the little monkey that he slacks off as a leader and doesn't realize enemy chimps are about to attack!

Right now you're probably asking yourself the same question Stewart asked aloud:

"But ... nobody DIES, right?!"

(So cute. He sounded just like a little kid. "But ... Simba's dad isn't REALLY dead, is he?")

What was Jane Goodall's answer? You'll have to watch the clip to find out! But be warned -- Goodall just might turn you to mush, too.

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Does Jane Goodall make you want to see Chimpanzee?

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