Michelle Bachmann Fans the Flames of the Mommy War… Yeah, Again

Michelle BachmannAh, the infinite wisdom of Michelle Bachmann. How it’s been our guiding star so many times since… well, since we found out who Michelle Bachmann even is. Now she’s claiming that stay-at-home moms know the economy better than their menfolk: “One thing I know is when women are home full-time they have a better pulse on the economy than probably their husband has,” Bachmann said. The implication there is that those women are usually the ones who go trudging out to buy groceries and get gas, so they’re usually the first to notice rising consumer costs. Initially that comment doesn’t raise an eyebrow, unless you’re a man who wants to vehemently defend his savvy about the retail prices of Bounty, Chips Ahoy, and 87 regular unleaded. 


The problem is the ever-so-subtle implication that stay-at-home moms are more in touch than not only their spouses, but working moms, too. And that’s fanning the flames of the so-called Mommy War that’s been sparked by quinto-mom Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen.

Feathers have been ruffled, snarkiness fills the air, and this latest Bachmann-ism is just proof positive that every little comment is on tap to be analyzed, rehashed, and potentially offensive to either the sorority of stay-at-home moms or the coalition of working mothers. But this much is for sure: ladies in general need to get on one page come election time. Because whether you’re with your kids all day or you have the pleasure of knowing the horrifying costs of daycare or nanny services, there are issues that are relevant to all women across the board and others that are pertinent to mothers, no matter where we spend the bulk of our days.

You know, folks can get divisive over non-essential subjects. There’s usually a red herring in every election to distract us from issues that affect everyone across the board. Last time around, it was gay marriage. What goes on in two women or two men’s romantic relationship has absolutely nothing to do with the ins and outs of my household. I cheerlead love, no matter how it shows up, so I’m all for gay marriage. What I wasn’t for was the amount of time, energy, and passion folks invested during the last election into blocking the right for members of the GLBT community to get hitched. It was ri-damn-diculous. Meanwhile, kids aren’t being educated properly, social security is walking the plank, people are still searching and scrambling for jobs to support themselves and their families, and I’ve got enough in student loan debt to fund two Congressional vacations. Let’s talk about that.

That’s exactly how I feel about this so-called mommy war. It’s a subject tossed in here to get us all riled up about something that is inconsequential at the end of the day. We’re all women and we all have kids and we all have to buy groceries and gas at some point, whether we do it after a play date in mid-morning or after work in 5:00 rush hour traffic, so what the what? Actually, most of the working moms I know don’t have a choice. It’s not an option. It’s a financial necessity.

I respect you for staying home with your kids all day and you respect me for being able to balance my professional and parental responsibilities. And none of us should get dissuaded by the hype around these jabs about which type of mother is the best. We’re all good.

Do you think stay-at-home moms and working moms will have different perspectives on voting issues?

Image via markn3tel/Flickr

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