Sobbing Woman Patted Down By the TSA Deserved Better (VIDEO)

The TSA is not known for their compassion or customer service, but a leaked video showing them patting down a woman while she sobs and sobs is one of the more damning pieces of evidence supporting. The fact is, even if TSA agents are just "doing their job," is it really necessary to traumatize a person?

The women who was selected for a pat-down by TSA agents sobbed and cried in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday. The video shows the woman seeming quite traumatized even after it ended..

The video was posted to YouTube and has gone viral. But, in the TSA's defense, it is awfully hard to pin point exactly what is going on. See below:


It is impossible to tell from this video just how far the TSA went and whether it is too far.

This woman could have been sexually abused in some way and this brought back memories. This is just speculation, of course, but one does start to wonder why a person would be quite SO traumaized by the search. One TSA agent does seem to be somewhat sympathetic, reassuring her that it is almost over and looking very uncomfortable.

This video sort of makes both the TSA and this woman sympathetic. They are just trying to do their job and awkward as it is, nothing they are doing appears to be "groping."

So how does the TSA handle something like this? Do they ignore it? Proceed? Comfort her? It is an awkward situation for all involved and for once, I don't blame the TSA for it. After all, would you know what to do?

Clearly this reaction is not "normal." And then again, I feel for this poor woman who only wanted to fly and instead got traumatized and terrorized. If we say this OK, then the terrorists really have won.

Do you think this is the TSA's fault?



Image via jackohoft/YouTube

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