Brazilian Cannibals Turned Lady Victims Into Lunch (VIDEO)

brazilian cannibalsReady to lose your appetite? I mean, really have absolutely no inclination to eat your next meal? If so, I guess it's okay for me to tell you about an extremely upsetting and totally gross story currently unfolding in Brazil ...

Fifty-one-year-old Jorge Beltrao Negroponte, his wife, Cristina da Silveira, and his mistress, Bruna da Silva, have been arrested after being suspected of killing at least two women who they lured by offering a nanny gig. They then reportedly proceeded to eat parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make ... stuffed meat pies, or empanadas, which they then sold en masse to unsuspecting neighbors, schools, and hospitals.

Ughh, ewww, uck!! You seriously cannot make this stuff up! Oh, wait. Maybe you can. Isn't this practically the plot of Sweeney Todd? Crazy, right?


Anyway, the suspects, who were arrested on Wednesday, have since confessed to the crimes, according to local police. Negroponte himself was interviewed by SBT Television and explained:

I did certain things for purification, to protect people and deliver them to God.

Specifically, he says, he and his two companions ate the flesh of these women to "purify them." So incredibly horrific, so unbelievable. But wait -- it gets even worse.

The police actually tracked this cannibalistic trio down with the help of a 5-year-old girl who was living with them. The little girl -- who is believed to be the daughter of another woman who disappeared in 2008 -- ushered them to where they could find the remains of the body. Grrrreat!

Given that it sounds like it's been going on for some time, thank goodness the police finally have these people in their custody. Justice must be served -- for the victims and the people who bought those meat pies! Guh.

Here are more details on the story:

How totally sick is this?


Image via CNN via NewsyWorld/YouTube

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