Man Drowned by Swan in Ultimate Freak Accident (VIDEO)

swanWhile most of us were busy enjoying a little downtime this past weekend, 37-year-old Anthony Hensley went about his normal Saturday routine by going to work at a condominium complex near his home in Illinois. As part of his job, he took a kayak out into a pond at the complex to check on a swan who had been placed there to ward off geese. And that's when something went terribly wrong -- and he wound up falling out of the kayak and drowning after being attacked by the swan.

Yes, I said that this poor man was killed by a swan. It is believed that he got too close to the nest where the swan's eggs were, and the bird went after him. And this is definitely one of those tragic and bizarre scenarios that you probably couldn't make up if you tried. Swans are supposed to be graceful and beautiful -- and certainly not dangerous!


People who witnessed the freak accident report that they did see his head come up above the water a few times, but then he eventually disappeared beneath the surface, which is when authorities were called to help. Unfortunately, it was too late to revive Anthony after he was pulled out of the water. His father told reporters that he was wearing heavy clothing and work boots, which likely made it hard for him to stay above the water during the attack. He wasn't wearing a life jacket either, but honestly, who would think you'd need one for a pond at a condo complex?

Sadly, Hensley leaves behind two young daughters, in addition to his wife, who is understandably devastated. Out of all the possible bizarre things that can happen to a person, being attacked and drowned by a swan the last thing that anyone would ever expect. My heart goes out to his poor family, and I hope they can find some peace after this horrible tragedy.

To hear more about the incident, take a look at the video clip below.


Have you ever heard of birds attacking humans?


Image via L2F1/Flickr 

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