80-Year-Old Baby-Stealing Nun Loses Her Spot in Heaven (VIDEO)

crossOk -- it's official. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, can be trusted anymore these days. No matter how sweet, innocent, or seemingly holy someone looks, there's always the potential that they're hiding some sort of scandalous secret.

Take for example an 80-year-old nun in Spain who just got busted for being part of a huge baby stealing ring back in the 1980s. Yes, I said a nun, and yes, I said she was stealing babies! 

Sister Maria Gomez Valbuena is her name, and she's definitely a far cry from the Sister Maria we all knew and loved in The Sound of Music. (That's the first thing that pops into my head when I think of nuns.) This Sister Maria is actually a criminal who was part of a nationwide baby snatching ring who convinced unwed and poor mothers that their newborns had died right after birth, and then went and sold the babies to adoptive families.


OMG! Have you ever heard of anything so shady going on at a hospital, let alone something this criminal being carried out by a nun?!

Supposedly priests and nuns back in the '80s would pay hospital workers to hand over the babies, and then they would sell them for a profit to the adoptive parents. And they also justified their actions by determining that the babies were better off being adopted than they were staying with their birth mothers. But even if the moms who delivered them weren't married or financially sound, those were still their children, and they had a right to nurture them, love them, and watch them grow up.

Although there were thousands of people involved in this disgusting money-making scheme, Sister Maria is the first person that has been charged. A woman named Marisa Torres Torres claims that she gave birth and then asked the nun where her baby was, to which she replied, "Stop asking me that or else I will also take away your other daughter and you will go to jail for adultery."

Sister Maria may have gotten away with her little plan when it happened, but Torres never gave up hope, and eventually found and reunited with her biological daughter, who is now 29. And even though DNA test proved that they are, indeed, mother and daughter, nothing can make up for the nearly 30 years that Valbuena took away from them.

Now that Valbuena has been charged, this may lend more validity to the 1,500 or so other similar cases where people suspect they were victims of baby stealing. Something tells me that there are going to be quite a few more open spots in Heaven now that the jig is up on the nuns and other people who participated.

You can hear more about the Spanish baby stealing ring in the video clip below.

What kind of punishment do you think Sister Maria should receive?


Image via Justin Marty/Flickr

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