Rush Limbaugh's Latest Sexist Insult Inspires 20 Totally Mature Insults Back

rush limbaughIf you thought Rush Limbaugh was a one-trick pony, you're sorely mistaken, my friends. If you thought the only derogatory word he was capable of using when referring to women was "slut," you're in for a treat. The talk show host recently put to use a new zinger out of his misogynist lexicon: Clucking hens.

During his show yesterday, Limbaugh referred to CNN's Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux by this name in regards to a conversation the two had regarding the whole Ann Romney never working a day in her life controversy. Poor choice of words? I'd say. Surprising? Peeshaw, not in the least.

So, since Rush gets to walk around spewing sexist, ad hominem idiocies from his pie hole, it's only fair that we should get to join in on the fun. At his expense. Here are 20 names we can call Rush Limbaugh.


1. Windbag

2. Blowhard

3. Bully

4. Tool

5. Douchebag

6. Wanker (if you're feeling British)

7. Ignoramus

8. Snollygoster

9. Dunce

10. Poo-Poo Head

11. Tubs

12. Bum Fluff

13. Brainfart Limbaugh

14. Rat Bastard

15. Yahoo

16. Ass Face

17. Nitwit

18. Jerkweed

19. Gaffer

20. Old Trout (to keep with the spirit of animals, like clucking hens)

It isn't so funny when it's directed at you, Rush, now, is it? And it sounds pretty stupid to boot? So, what do you say? Why don't we can the name calling bit and get on with it? What's that, you say? You don't want to. Well, alright. But just know there's plenty more where this came from. Neener neener neener.

What do you think of Rush's insults? Any names to add to the list?

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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