George Zimmerman’s Weight Loss Doesn’t Mean He’s Guilty (VIDEO)

george zimmermanGeorge Zimmerman made his first court appearance in Florida today to face a double murder charge for the killing of Trayvon Martin. The 28-year-old man accused of shooting the unarmed teen looked thin. He's lost a ton of weight, he's shorn his hair, and his goatee is tight against his chin. Zimmerman looked different. So different in fact, that the judge didn't recognize him. 

Needless to say, being on trial for murder in one of the most controversial cases the nation has seen in a while has got to be extremely stressful. The toll it's taking on Zimmerman is visible.


Is his weight loss a sign of guilt? I'm sure some people would like to believe it is. There's really no way to tell, no matter what the so-called "body language experts" have to say on shows like Entertainment Tonight. Just because Zimmerman's shed some fat and may or may not be leaning to his "sinister" left while standing (or whatever such nonsense those "experts" come up with), I don't think anyone will be able to tell from his appearance whether or not he feels like he did something wrong.

Let's say I was being charged with murder -- even if I were totally innocent and felt justified in every single one of my actions, I'd be scared shitless to face the court, and the country. The rest of Zimmerman's life is in the hands of the law now, and there's not much he can do other than build an excellent defense case. And sometimes, even that isn't enough. Sometimes innocent men are sent to jail. For that reason alone, I'm sure I'd be too stressed to eat.

Zimmerman's appearance reveals something about his psyche, but what exactly, remains to be seen.

 What do you think Zimmerman's appearance indicates?


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