Ann Romney vs. Hilary Rosen = Lady Points for Mitt Romney

gop mugThis Mommy War story stinks like yesterday's basketball socks stuffed with Limburger, and the worst thing about it is how it's probably putting a smug smile on Mitt Romney's face. He must have loved Hilary Rosen's apology. "As a pundit, I know my words were poorly chosen."

Yes they were -- but at least she didn't back down completely. Rosen went on to point out how Mittens was the one who brought Ann into this in the first place: "When he goes on the campaign trail and says she is his economic surrogate... come on, I'm not bringing them into this." But get women to fight with each other and guess who wins? The GOP. Was Romney actually dangling Ann as liberal bait?


Gawker is already calling this round for Team Mittens. (OMG, they seriously made a mug already.) And it's kind of depressing to think the nonsensical Mommy Wars can distract us from how lousy Romney really is for women.

As it happens, the Romney/Ryan budget cuts disproportionately affect women. That's where you start wondering who really "gets" you and has your back. You want to talk about real "choices" for women? (And what a choice word for the GOP to use, anyway -- they'd better be careful with that.) There's no choice for women without opportunity.

And eight-plus years of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy did not result in more opportunities for women.

Don't even get me started on the idea of comparing Ann Romney's life with Michelle working-class-upbringing Obama. They are not in the same income bracket. Not. Even. Remotely.

Are we done here? In conclusion: Don't fall for this bullshit. The end.

Do you think the Mommy Wars debate benefited Mitt Romney?


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