Nude Maid Service Is a Perfectly Respectable Business (VIDEO)

woman cleaning house for nude maid serviceFor some, a regular ol' maid service just isn't enough. Some -- mostly older, white, horny old men -- would prefer their housekeepers come clean their homes scantily clad, or, in some cases, 100 percent nude. And that's okay! These men's "fetish" (if you can call it that) means that single mom Melissa Borrett from Lubbock, Texas can put dinner on the table and pay her bills.

Borrett started Lubbock Fantasy Maid, a nude maid service, last month and business is already booming. (Not exactly a big surprise, right? There are lots of horny clients with messy homes out there!) But not everyone's impressed with the young, ambitious entrepreneur. Small town Texas law enforcement seems to have a major problem with Borrett and be lookin' to shut 'er down.


But it's not like Borrett and her Fantasy Maids are doing anything questionable. Everything about the biz sounds completely legit. Customers pay $100/hour for one maid or $150/hour for two, no one under 18 can be present while they're cleaning, customers have to remain fully clothed, and there's a no-touching policy.

Still, Lubbock Police Sergeant Jonathan Stewart says that Borrett needs a special permit, because the Fantasy Maids are running a "sexually oriented business." He told local news station KCBD, "Just the fact employees are topless or semi nude in this case - it's just not allowed." And the police and Sheriff's Department say if they get a complaint, they will investigate the business. Dun dun DAAAH.

Oh, dear -- what is this? 1600s Salem, Massachusetts? A kindergarten classroom? "It's just not allowed!" And apparently, if Borrett doesn't get this costly permit, she could get slapped with a $2K fine ... every day.

Give me a break! I really don't see what the big deal is. No one's getting hurt or being put at risk. It's just another sad example of how uptight people are about the silliest things -- like the nude female body, for one. I'm not even sure I see how the business is all that "sexually oriented." Maybe just "sexy." 

At any rate, I hope Borrett keeps doing her thing, because she sounds like a driven, smart, tough businesswoman. And if Lubbock Fantasy Maids is threatened at any point, I have a feeling she'll be up to the fight. 

Here's a local news report on the biz ...


What do you think about Borrett's nude maid service? Would you have a problem with one operating in your town?

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