George Zimmerman Likely to Be Charged -- It's About Time!

George ZimmermanBig news in the Trayvon Martin case: Angela Corey, the special prosecutor heading the investigation, plans to make an announcement today at 6 p.m. ET, which could very well be a decision on whether George Zimmerman will be charged. It’s going to be a long couple of hours for us onlookers, but I can only imagine how Trayvon’s parents and family must feel, knowing that all of their pushing and pressing for justice has culminated into this very telling moment.

It’s here. And I’m hoping and praying that Corey and her team get it right. 


Through this entire process, Trayvon’s mom and dad have demonstrated a faith that has earned my fullest respect: faith in God, the justice system, and the inevitability that right will prevail -- somehow, someway -- over wrong. Sybrina Fulton tweeted earlier today: “We're on pins&needles waiting for Ms. Coreys decision but we're prayerful that justice will prevail. He sits high&looks low #GODisincontrol”. That indeed he is. And we’re praying and hoping that whatever the decision, it brings the family peace and closure. They honestly haven’t even had time to grieve the loss of their son because they’ve been so busy grieving the failure of justice.

Major news outlets are reporting that Zimmerman has already been charged, but don’t believe that hype. We’ll all know at 6 o’clock but until then, unless you work at Corey’s office, anything else is speculation. I think they won’t make the announcement until the suspect is in custody, partly because he’s a flight risk and partly because, if things don’t go the way most of us want them to go, he might become a crime victim his doggone self. The fact that that man has made it this far is amazing to me, that he hasn’t been snuffed out on the streets by another brand of vigilante justice. Going into hiding was probably his best bet. People are pissed.

Even though surveys have shown that white folks and Republicans are tired of the coverage of the case, for plenty of the rest of us, Trayvon has truly become a representation of the susceptibility of our children. He represents the random violence that can just as easily befall my son or nephew or cousin as it did Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s child. With those kind of emotional ties undergirding the case, I believe in my spirit there’s potential for an outbreak of violence if Zimmerman is allowed to walk away, his double jeopardy rights in tact.

If the decision is to charge him -- most likely for manslaughter since I’m sure a straight up murder rap wouldn’t get the conviction or the sentence that supporters are hoping for -- all I can say is finally. Finally. Finally Zimmerman will be charged. Finally all of the marching and protesting and rallying will culminate into an action that most of us know should have been a no-brainer, knee-jerk reaction nearly a month and a half ago when Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. Finally the pressure on the justice system to do the right thing has paid off. And finally Trayvon can truly, honestly, absolutely rest in peace. I guess we’ll see at 6:00.

If Zimmerman is charged, what do you think the charge should be?

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