Conservatives Mock Buffett Rule With Hilarious Results

warren buffetPresident Obama has recently been touting the Buffett Rule, a proposed new tax on the uber-wealthy, named for famed billionaire Warren Buffet. Buffett has been vocal in his support for higher taxes on high-income earners, claiming that he pays fewer taxes than his secretary. 

No word on whether or not Buffett has voluntarily donated to the government.


This is such a dumb idea. First of all, why should we punish people for their financial success? Secondly, the wealthy already pay the lion’s share of the taxes in our country. All of those percentages being tossed around, like Warren Buffett paying a lower percentage than his two hundred thousand dollar a year secretary are skewed numbers, because no one seems to understands what “income” is. 

Super rich people make money from capital gains and dividends, which they then turn around and reinvest into the economy. Raising taxes on capital gains means that rich people employers won’t be able to create jobs.

President Obama turned to social media on Tuesday to promote the ridiculous lie that implementing the Buffett Rule will solve our economic woes. As conservatives on Twitter love to do, we took over the hashtag, and hilariousness ensued. 

Here are some of the best tweets:

Does the #BuffettRule force citizens to use clean plates every time they get more food? Oh, wait, that's the Buffet Rule. -@realleighscott 

the salad bar is only useful for putting bacon and cheese on your baked potato #BuffettRule @mamaswati 

Wear your stretchy pants. (Unless you're a millionaire. Then you should tighten your belt & donate your food to other diners.) #BuffettRule @prosehaikus

Sneeze guards are there FOR A REASON. #buffetrule @NewDealGin 

Sorry, no contraception provided. #BuffettRule  @BobHicks_

Where 30% gratuity is mandatory. And so is picking up the tab for the rest of the party.#BuffettRule @red_red_head 

#BuffettRule Those $50,000 hot lamps over the tater tots? Yep, Solyndra. @CuffyMeh 

Don’t let it be said that conservatives don’t have a sense of humor. 


Image via Mario Tama/Flickr

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