Alzheimer Patient Hears Cab Calloway Music & Comes to LIFE (VIDEO)

alzheimer patient listens to cab callowayNeed a good cry? Check out this video of Henry, an elderly man with Alzheimer's living in a nursing home for 10 years. Very unresponsive, Henry had trouble answering the most basic questions, that is, until he was given an iPod. In the documentary Alive Inside, social workers, Alzheimer experts, and patients explore the positive effect music has on a person. When Henry is played music from his younger years, like Cab Calloway, his face quite literally lights up. He starts talking about how music is love, and how Cab Calloway was the number one guy he liked. After listening to the music, Henry is alive inside, and again. Get out the tissues ...


What makes the clip so moving, I think, is that we all see a little bit of ourselves in Henry. Maybe it'll be us in that chair, not all "there", when someone plays us a Ryan Adams tune, or a U2 song, and we're awakened, or quickened, as they say in the video. Maybe it'll be our parents or our spouses in that seat, and we'll play them their favorite songs. Music can connect us to one another more than anything else, and as Alive Inside will surely point out, it connects us to ourselves above all else.

What do you think of Alive Inside?


Photo via ncaavideos2/YouTube

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