Puppy Lit on Fire While People Laugh -- What the Hell Is So Funny?

There is a special place in hell reserved for those who are cruel to animals. Truly, sometimes there are stories in the news that make you start to doubt humanity. A puppy who was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire in Texas is one of those stories.

Apparently some men or boys decided it would be hilarious to light a puppy on fire and try to strangle it. Luckily, a woman came along in time to put out the flames, but the most disturbing part is that the boys who did it just laughed. They thought it was funny that they did such a thing to an innocent puppy. Chilling, no?

The dog -- a Labrador-terrier mix -- was hiding behind an air conditioning unit and taken by a rescue group who named him Justice after another dog that was burned three years ago.


Doctors aren't yet saying what will become of the poor puppy, but at least he is alive. Once he recovers (I hope), I am sure there will be no shortage of people wishing to adopt him. But for now, the puppy who is burned over 60 percent of his body on his legs, back, and face is in the hospital.

Those who did this could face felony animal cruelty and torture charges, but even then, the maximum they might serve is 10 years. Only 10 years?! For this?!

I am no PETA member and I am not going to go tearing through the streets protesting the use of animals in science, but this kind of thing is just wrong on a whole different level.

Who hurts a defenseless puppy? For fun? We need to truly examine what kind of sick mind could harm an innocent animal like this. It takes a level of cruelty I can't even imagine feeling. Someone who could do that has lost their humanity. Ten years in prison (as if that is even what they would get) won't bring that back.

Cruelty to animals isn't only criminal, it's also depraved. It says an enormous amount about the person committing the act and nothing good in any way.

The people who commit acts like this are the worst kinds of criminals -- cruel, inhuman, and very scary. But the important part to note is that not everyone is like this. In fact, there are many who will come out to help this puppy is my guess. These kinds of acts terrify us for humanity, but they also let us glimpse the other side.

Those of us who know it's wrong and cruel are brokenhearted and desperate to find some way to help. Maybe that is the silver lining, however slight, to a story that is almost to painful to bear.

Donations for Justice’s ongoing medical care can be made to DFW Rescue Me at www.dfwrescueme.org.

Does this make you scared for humanity?


Image via grimetime20/Flickr

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