Ex-Teacher Wanted for Child Porn Eludes FBI: Help Keep Him Away From Kids (VIDEO)

eric justin toth FBI most wanted fugitiveMost of us realize that sex offenders live and lurk among us, but whenever I read about an actual case of someone facing child pornography charges -- particularly someone who is "at large" -- it's still totally creepy. Maybe it's because it's not exactly the type of crime that is so blatantly obvious ... The criminal could just go on living their life in hiding for who knows how long before being caught. Ick.

Take the case of private school teacher and camp counselor Eric Justin Toth, also known as David Bussone. The guy is facing child pornography charges and was just added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list today. He was a third grade teacher in Washington, D.C. in 2008 when pornographic photos were found on a school camera that had allegedly been in his possession. The FBI says he allegedly installed a camera in a student bathroom adjacent to his classroom. Ugh! And get this ... while the initial investigation was underway, Toth went missing.


And he's still evading authorities to this day.

The fact that this guy is on the loose is pretty horrifying, right? So far, he's believed to have traveled to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and was last seen at a homeless shelter in Phoenix! Yeesh, he gets around!

Is it just me, or is it completely unnerving to think that they've had these leads on him and yet haven't been able to catch him? Worse yet, the FBI's poster claims that Toth may "advertise online as a tutor or male nanny." Grrrreat. So, in other words, even if he is no longer holding a position as a teacher or a camp counselor, there's a chance he may still be preying on kids. What a nightmare. Here's hoping that the FBI's offer of a reward of up to $100,000 will help track him down, so that he's no longer a threat.

Check out this ABC News story for more details on Toth ...

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How scary is this? Will you be keeping a lookout for him?

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