Mega Millions Winners Share Their Secret Number-Picking Tricks

mega millionsWell, looks like we have a Mega Millions winner in the state of Maryland, people. And it ain't Merlande Wilson -- you know, that totally normal lady who claimed she won the jackpot, but "lost" her ticket. (And who hired a lawyer for emphasis.) Shocker. The prize has officially been claimed by three friends who all work in the state's public school system together. Aww. Three friends who all claim they're going to continue working in the state's public school system despite getting $35 million each. Yeeahhhsuuuure.

No, from what I know about them, I like these three friends. I wish I were friends with them. They sound cool, normal, and above all, smart. Not only are "The Three Amigos," as they're referring to themselves, opting to remain anonymous (good move!), they actually shared their method for picking the winning ticket. So doing this next big drawing.


They said that they each doled out $20 on 60 tickets -- which were purchased at three different locations throughout the state. Smart. Spread it out, up your odds. I like it. I totally should have gone to a few different bodegas to purchase tickets ... despite there not being a winner anywhere in the state of New York.

So, what do we know about The Three Amigos, and more importantly, what are they planning on doing with their money? (Besides "still work"?) Well, it's been revealed that the winners are a woman in her 20s, another in her 50s, and a man in his 40s. One is an elementary school teacher, one is a special education instructor, and the third works in an administrative role. Apparently, they've all decided to purchase new homes (duh). One plans on taking a backpacking trip through Europe (backpacking?), another will pay for his daughter's college education (okay, what else?), and the third will tour Italy's wine country (respectable).

Dang, yo. Good for them. And they're wise to keep their identities a secret -- who needs weird acquaintances and relatives coming out of the woodwork, asking for money? Not this girl. And apparently not The Three Amigos. Lucky SOBs.

What would you do with $35 million?

Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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