White House Easter Egg Roll 2012 Reminds Us the President Isn’t a Robot (VIDEO)

White House Easter Egg Roll 2012
White House Easter Egg Roll 2012
I love my family, but every Easter and Christmas I kind of wish I was part of either the royal family or the first family (okay, fine, or the Kardashian family). Just for, like, a few hours at most. They always seem to be having the best time, and the traditions they take part in seem so civilized and couth. Like the White House Easter Egg Roll 2012. What a perfectly lovely and delightful afternoon it appears to be. I mean, the baked ziti and broccoli rabe at my aunt's in Staten Island was good, but I would have opted for a reading of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are by the man himself -- President Obama -- if given the choice.


Today, the President, Michelle, Sasha, and Malia are joining 35,000 kids and their families on the White House lawn for the 134th anniversary of this annual event, which, this year, features obstacle courses, book-readings, musical performances, cooking with celebrity chefs, clowns, and a yoga garden. Ahhh ... doesn't that sound so pleasant? Don't you wish you were there? I do. My office is freezing right now!

I've gotta say, I'm always a sucker for politicians doing "normal," non-controversial things. Even if they're kind of staged "normal" things. It's a nice reminder that they're actually human beings who enjoy human-like things.

Although I'm sure if people tried really hard -- and sometimes they do -- they'll be able to find some kind of controversy in the White House Easter Egg Roll. Why is the President using tax payer money on something so frivolous? Are the eggs in the roll free-range? Why is Obama out yuckin' it up when there's work to be done?! Our economy's in the crapper!

But let's not go there. Let's just enjoy this for what it is, eh? The most powerful man in the world, his family, a couple of eggs, and a giant bunny.

Check out a video of the President and his family on Easter Sunday:


And one on the Easter Egg Roll:

Doesn't this look nice?

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