Pilot Does Unthinkable After Navy Jet Crashes In Virginia Beach (VIDEO)

Virginia Beach Navy jet crashA fighter jet traveling 170 mph crashed into a Virginia Beach apartment complex Friday afternoon after an alleged technical malfunction. Miraculously, amidst all of the billowing black smoke and loads of damage -- there were no casualties. The two Navy pilots on the plane, one being an instructor and the other a student, ejected from the F/A-18D jet moments before impact.  

One would think after a traumatic experience like that, parachuting toward the ground -- a pilot would be pretty out of it. Instead, when one of the two men was found by a local man lying on the ground with his face full of blood -- he did the unthinkable. Yup, the pilot apologized.

He said: "I'm sorry for destroying your house."


Holy honorable. What a testament to the type of men that serve our country, eh? Obviously, it's hard to think of WHAT one would do in that situation. However, I think I'd be too out of it to even comprehend the magnitude of what just happened, wouldn't you? Apparently, the other pilot was just as apologetic when found by a local man, Patrick Kavanaugh, in his backyard. 

"The poor guy was still in shock," Kavanaugh said. "I checked for broken bones and open wounds."

The story gets better, though. Allegedly the plane had been dumping fuel during its decent. Whether or not that was on purpose is still unknown. However, because there was less fuel in the jet upon impact, there was no massive explosion. If the fuel drop was intentional, the two pilots potentially saved many lives yesterday. For that, I'm sure the entire Virginia Beach community is thankful.

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